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This is Seymour - my indestructible office plant. He and George (the stuffed peacock in the lower left corner, named for the peacock on NPS that sticks his head in the Trident Room window looking for popcorn) are my officemates. Though my office is within the patent law offices of LaRiviere, Grubman, Payne LLP in Ryan Ranch, I am a solo practitioner. I am part general practitioner (think family doctor) and part small business and estate law focused. My practice is effectively split in two. I have a virtual law platform that can be accessed through my website via the Client Portal page and I have a bricks and mortar practice in Monterey, CA that focuses on small business law and estate planning.

The virtual law platform is a document automation service. A client accesses the site through my webpage, chooses the document they would like to create, fills out the questionnaire and voila! a will is created (or whatever document the client chose). The client can then submit the document to me and I will review it to check for accuracy. This service is useful for clients that know what type of legal document they would like to create and do not want to spend the time or expense to sit in a lawyer's office while I ask dozens of questions. In addition to the document automation service I also offer a document review service. This is useful for clients that have created a legal document on their own through the many DIY sites but would like it reviewed for accuracy and to make sure the document says what they want it to.

My bricks and mortar practice located in Ryan Ranch is for those clients that would like to sit in my office and discuss their intentions and plans face to face. This personal interaction yields a much more customized solution to whatever legal needs the client may have. The time spent with my client allows me to ask a multitude of questions that the document automation service cannot - such as questions about the client's family dynamics and who might really be suited to take over the family business. This process is more time-consuming and costs more but the plan is better crafted to suit the client's exact wishes. For many the critical part of creating an estate plan (or creating a company) is the comfort of knowing someone will be there to help them through the process.

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